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Mount Consulting – Internship: AI in finance

Internship: AI in finance

There is no way around it, the market is abuzz with recent technological advancements in AI like chatGPT, autoGPT, Midjourney etc…

And like with all hypes, there are early adopters and there are late followers. Finance is rarely an early adopter, they like their processes to be stable, reliable and secure. You do not want to depend on unreliable information and you do not want to push your own (classified) information into a black hole over which you have no control.

Does that mean they should shy away from innovation? Should they wait another 5 years and see how the market evolves? Or can they already make some no-regret moves today?

Better yet, could we tell them what to expect from the market in the coming years and what circumstances need to be in place for them to embrace these new developments?


This is what we want you to investigate! Given the typical functions of a finance department: data collection and preparation, subledger accounting, GL accounting, consolidation, reporting, and decision making; what would be the potential to apply AI solutions?

  1. What use cases can we define for AI-driven solutions in the finance value chain?
  2. What are the AI solutions which we could apply to those use cases?
  3. What are the limitations of AI-driven software in terms of the finance processes?
  4. What are the risks (such as cyber-security, legal, reputational) and implications of implementing chatbot applications and AI-driven software in the finance function?
  5. Do regulations and supervisions, allow financial institutions to utilize AI applications within finance? To what extent?
  6. What limitations and hurdles are there to using AI solutions in the finance domain? And what can be done to overcome them?

Your investigation will help us define the next wave of possibilities for our client and will bring you close to our client’s processes and the newest developments in AI.



We will accommodate you with our expertise as well as our network. We provide you the opportunity to present the outcome of your study to our clients i.e., during one of our Round Table events.

While research will be a considerable part of your day, you will also participate in other internal activities and thus gain a feeling of what it is like to work as a starting consultant. You can expect to participate in discussions about ongoing projects, help to fulfil internal and project-related tasks and gain practical knowledge about consultancy through our company’s trainings. Our versatile environment will give you a head start in gaining experience and keeping the job interesting.



  • Standard Internship allowance of €500;
  • A supervisor to coach and guide you through your responsibilities;
  • Network in the consulting and within financial services industry;
  • Potential fast track to being hired as a consultant given satisfactory results through the internship;
  • Full experience of the life of a consultant, on and off the job;
  • Flexibility to occasionally work from home.



An entrepreneurial and highly motivated intern. We work for all the major (and minor) players in the Dutch financial industry on strategy and transformation projects, tailored to the finance and risk domains. Our work is based on detailed knowledge of our clients’ ecosystems. That is why we should stay on top of the market trends and developments that impact the performance of the finance and risk management function.

  • Did you finish or are graduating soon from a relevant study, e.g., BSc or MSc in Finance, Economics, Business Management, Strategic Management or equivalent?
  • Are you able to express yourself fluently in English and do you have a basic understanding of Dutch language?
  • Are you entrepreneurial and ready to make your mark on Mount?
  • Do you have the confidence and energy to challenge us and yourself?
  • Are you available for a minimum of three months?



Mount Consulting, a business consulting firm, providing Finance, Risk, Data Management and Architecture advisory services. We limit ourselves to CFO, CRO and CDO assignments, where regulatory or strategic transformations are a large part of what we do.

With our growing team, we work from our office in Utrecht. Accessibility and willingness to help each other are our key drivers. Our talented professionals grow their career through their capabilities and performance, not being hampered by hierarchy and internal politics. All our consultants have the room to undertake and convert their ideas into propositions and features; together we plot the course of the company.



Do you want to join our team? Applying is easy, leave your resume and we will contact you.

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