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Founded in the Netherlands in 1970, our family-owned enterprise has grown significantly, making its mark in the dairy food industry for over 50 years. As a global provider, we offer not only dairy solutions and ingredients but also a wide range of services, including dairy risk management, global market insights, advanced supply chain solutions, technical service, and dedicated sustainability initiatives.

Distributing over 1,100,000 MT of dairy products annually, we have established our presence in more than 100 countries through 14 global offices. Our financial strength is evident with €3.6 billion in sales and an equity of €202.7 million. Our balanced and diverse team of over 306 professionals, work seamlessly across the globe. Through decades of service, we’ve built trust with over 3,000 customers and suppliers.

With a legacy grounded in family values, our mission transcends commercial aspirations, aiming for a sustainable and responsible future for food. The foundation of our success lies in close collaboration and deep-rooted partnerships. We envision a planet where sustainability is at the forefront, ensuring a responsible approach to food consumption. Throughout our journey, we’ve stayed true to our guiding principle, working ‘Together for better’.


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