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Career Services

Student Career Services helps students in their preparation for a successful transition to the labor market. By providing a wide range of services, such as information sessions,

workshops and personal guidance, Student Career Services helps students to clarify their career goals, establish career plans and develop skills.

During the Preparation Day Student Career will give an interactive workshop about CV and LinkedIn.

At the end of this workshop, you will have concrete tips for a professional CV and an appealing LinkedIn profile. Besides that you will get the answers to the following question:

– How do recruiters look at a resume?

– What do they select on?

– How do I increase the chance of being invited for an interview?

– How can I create an attractive LinkedIn profile?

– How can I connect with interesting companies?

– How can I use LinkedIn to find interesting vacancies?

– How to ensure I am found on LinkedIn by the right recruiters?


And of course, there is plenty of room to ask additional questions, as it is an interactive session.


Meet them at the Tilburg Career Days event

Meet this company at our upcoming event at one of their participations.