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At Rituals, we believe everything has the potential to become a ritual. After all, what distinguishes a ritual from an everyday activity, largely amounts to how much attention we devote to the details. The more attention, the higher the awareness factor, and the more ritualized an activity becomes. A bit too zenny for you? No problem, if you infuse your work with the dedicated attention that we devote to delighting customers, things will work out splendidly. In your case, you’ll dedicate that attention towards making sure our main Distribution Centre is always fully stockedready to be send to all our customers around the world.


As Supply Planner you land in the centre of our innovative logistics operation. Rituals’ Supply Planning & Inventory department has a refreshingly unique character, because we don’t treat the supply chain as an afterthought. Instead, we consider it the driver of sustainable success and inspiring customer experiences. This means that we’ll never let our supply chain be a bottleneck for growth, and that we are continuously investing in improvements! Do you have exciting pilots in mind that the competition isn’t ready for? Experiments with new tooling? Welcome aboard! It’s down to you to shape our supply planning for the future: lift it to the next level (and the one after that).


Together with your suppliers you will create the ideal production planning to assure 24/7 availability of your category based on the forecast of our planning platform Slim4. Clearly you will weigh all factors. Such as seasonality, historic data, sales promotions and, last but not least, new product launches. Is everything going as hoped and planned? Do we have enough stock of promotional items? Is everything selling?

You analyze KPIs and identify actionable insights which you, no surprise, act on resolutely. Always seeking for enhancements and new opportunities within the way of working regarding supply & supplier management. Next to this you do maintain a wide variety of relationships with all category relevant internal stakeholders, next to all external vendor relationships.


Rituals offers a challenging role in an eager and diverse team, where empowering your colleagues (and vice versa) is part of the deal. Although our proposition encompasses an attractive benefits and compensation package, the (international) scope and impact of the position may appeal to you even more. When everything is back to normal, you’ll spend (most of) your time at our Amsterdam HQ. We hope you can appreciate the view of one of the most iconic Amsterdam canals.

By joining Rituals, you’ll get to experience a strong culture and entrepreneurial spirit which empowers you to create your meaningful career. We care about the well-being of our staff, as much as we value the well-being of the planet. By passionately looking after both, we believe we can pave the way to a more sustainable world and take appropriate action to limit our footprint on Mother Earth. You’ll have a strong sense of purpose at Rituals. Our mission is to make people feel good and touch as many lives as possible. Independent of your role, you will create a positive impact on our daily business.


We’re not here to sell you beauty; we are here to make you feel good.” Raymond Cloosterman, CEO Rituals.

We are a global brand, established in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2000. Our ambition is to grow sustainably and become – and remain – the number one global luxury brand in cosmetics. Today, Rituals operates in more than 807 stores, 2700 shop-in- shops across 33 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North and South America. Rituals is an omnichannel brand that operates within Retail, Wholesale, E-com and Travel Retail.

Our dream is to bring our philosophy of slowing down to different parts of the world and to create a global lifestyle movement.

In 2020 we had a great milestone, celebrating our 20th birthday. We celebrated this by opening the largest Rituals store in the world, our very first flagship store, House of Rituals. It spans 1700 square meters across 4 floors. Containing new exclusive collections, a restaurant and a mind and body spa.

Over the next 10 years we want to take the brand and company to the next level. This not only means opening more stores, but also involves building an even stronger community around our brand.


If it’s you we’re looking for, please don’t hesitate and send in your application. We’ll be in touch soon.

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