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We are looking for

An entrepreneurial and highly motivated Finance/Risk Intern. We work for all the major (and minor) players in the Dutch financial industry on strategy and transformation projects. That is why we should stay on top of the market trends and developments that impact the performance of the finance and risk management function. As an Intern, you will be involved in a variety of internal activities with a main focus on providing insights into domain-specific topics by conducting research.

Your knowledge, interest, and research skills in finance, risk and data domains and your entrepreneurial mindset will be an important asset. You will be able to suggest specific topics based on your own preference, however your research should align with our focus: financial services, CFO domain and/or CRO domain.

To give a better idea of what relevant research topics can entail, we provide some examples:

  • The increasing burden on regulatory reporting.

Following the global financial crisis of 2008, the regulators were quick to tackle the revealed weaknesses of financial institutions – excessive risk taking, lack of crisis management mechanisms and deficiency of available liquidity just to name a few. The enforced regulatory reforms to tackle these issues come at an additional cost for financial institutions. Increased capital requirements being just one of them. Additionally, to that, there are new regulatory and supervisory reporting obligations. The existing compliance structures must be adjusted to these changes and may be also subject to more complex reporting. The question arises: What is the additional compliance cost? And to investigate further, what is the burden of the regulatory reporting on a financial institution? Can these additional costs be significant enough to create new barriers to enter the market?

  • Standardization of Finance and Risk Management operations: the up—and downside of centralization

The demand for financial and risk management information, both externally as well as internally, has grown and still is. For more than a decade the supply of proper information is getting more complex. For most financial institutions, especially the ones with international businesses and/or a palette of business that has been build up by mergers and acquisitions, the scattered landscape of processes, systems and tooling impacts the efficiency and quality of finance and risk operations negatively. CFO’s and CRO’s are looking for robust and future proof solutions to control cost effective and qualitatively strong operations. Centralization of operations is one of the options. How successful have the various attempts been. What are the drivers for success? Why some attempts have failed?

  • Are CFO’s or CRO’s innovative: which innovative trends have really been effective?

The entire world is talking about innovation and digitalization is the crucial developments for organizations to survive. Development like blockchain, AI, robotics, and natural language processing are crucial components in an organization’s strategy to survive. Being consuming humans, we are affected ongoing by technical progress. But what about our clients. How are the CFO and CRO progressing in their domains? Which innovative trends have proven its value already? What is required to have these trends embedded effectively in our client’s operations?

How will we support you

We will accommodate you with our expertise as well as our network. We provide you the opportunity to present the outcome of your study to our clients i.e., during one of our Round Table events. While research will be a considerable part of your day, you will also participate in other internal activities and thus gain a feeling of what it is like to work as a starting consultant. You can expect to participate in discussions about ongoing projects, help to fulfil internal and project-related tasks and gain practical knowledge about consultancy through our company’s trainings. Our versatile environment will give you a head start in gaining experience and keeping the job interesting.

Are you ready to join us

  • Are you entrepreneurial and ready to make your mark on Mount?
  • Do you have the confidence and energy to challenge our clients and yourself?
  • Did you finish or are graduating soon from a relevant study, e.g., BSc or MSc in Finance, Economics, Business Management, Strategic Management or equivalent?
  • Are you able to express yourself fluently in English and do you have a basic understanding of Dutch language?

Then we are off to a good start!

We will offer you

First and foremost, a people centric organization. Our attention to you and the quality of our work is our prime directive. We will offer you:

  • Standard monthly internship allowance of € 500;
  • A supervisor to coach and guide you through your responsibilities;
  • Network in the consulting and within financial services industry;
  • Potential fast track to being hired as a consultant given satisfactory results through the internship;
  • Full experience of the life of a consultant, on and off the job;
  • Flexibility to occasionally work from home.

We are

Mount Consulting, a business consulting firm, providing strategic Finance, Risk, Data Management and Architecture advisory services. We are a young and dynamic company with the ambition to grow to a sizable market leader in a short period. That’s why we are looking for talented and ambitious colleagues.

What sets us apart

Mount Consulting is primarily an entrepreneurial firm that is not focused on hierarchical structure and conventional standards. We provide an alternative to the common idea of consultancy, by providing an environment where you can be a part of the important discussions and express your mind freely from day one. The absence of a hierarchical structure provides the space for seniors and juniors to work together, leading to a steep learning curve with plenty of support on your way to becoming the next generation of management consultants in the financial industry.

We provide services based on the following values:

  • Focus: we only work in the CFO and CRO domains and we focus on strategy, transformations, governance, and architecture.
  • Experience: we know the financial services industry. Our work is based on detailed knowledge of the ecosystems which our clients have.
  • Client intimacy: we know and value our clients. We propose the right resources to get the best results.

If this vacancy got you interested, come and show us what you are made of.


To apply, please submit your CV and a short message to


If you have any question, you can send a message to to ask for more information.

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